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As a professional Career Pep Talker based in Chicago, Monica prepares women, trans, non-binary and men to negotiate existing salaries and new job offers, all while working to close the gender and racial pay gap. Through speaking and working 1:1 with clients in 10+ countries, 4 continents and across an array of professional sectors, she shares her expertise to prepare folks to negotiate and ace interviews for promotions or career pivots. Interviewing well and negotiating hard have been vital career skills for Monica as she routinely moves across oceans, leaving her established connections behind. With the right strategy, she has out-competed fellow candidates and negotiated her way up the salary ladder, while providing mentorship and leaving the door open for folks after her. Monica is a SUNY ESF alumna and completed her master’s degree at the University of Cape Town, at the southern tip of the African continent. Her days are filled with cups of Earl Grey tea, money and parenting podcasts, and giving folks the pep talk they need to ask for more.


Justin Jones-Fosu, MBA, CSP is a full-time family man who also happens to be a highly sought-after business speaker, social entrepreneur, and meaningful work researcher. He is the founder and CEO of Work. Meaningful. where he combines over a decade of leadership in Fortune 500 companies, his real-life experience and research to help global organizations create new rhythms of sustainable excellence, profitability, and engagement. Speaking over 60 times a year, Justin speaks and leads workshops and trainings with companies, organizations, and associations in the Us and internationally on meaningful work and workplace engagement.

He is passionate about helping organizations and individuals take ownership of their mindset, purpose, and performance to achieve amazing results. His latest book “Your WHY Matters NOW: How Some Achieve More and Others Don’t” challenges readers to merge their purpose and productivity to get more out of work and life. He is all about turning events into memorable and action-oriented experiences with his humorous and engaging delivery as well as with his research-based content!

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