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Keynote Speakers

Tibisay Hernandez

Breaking Barriers: Operationalizing DEI in Career Services

Wednesday, June 12, 3:45-5:00 pm

This keynote explores how to embed DEI into career services strategies, focusing on rethinking employer partnerships, creating guidelines for effective diversity recruitment on your campus, and collecting DEI-focused first destination data. The keynote will emphasize the importance of understanding diversity gaps and goals in specific industries. It will underscore the significance of aligning recruitment efforts with diverse talent needs. Moreover, it will highlight career professionals' capacity to identify effective diversity programs across industries. Finally, it will stress the necessity of ensuring robust support mechanisms for diverse candidates entering into the workforce.

Tibisay hernandez.webp

Tibisay Hernandez is a diversity, inclusion, and equity practitioner passionate about intercultural communication. Tibisay currently holds the title of Diversity and Inclusion Manager for New York State’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion Management. She credits her Dominican ancestry, Bronx roots, and role as a mom for fueling her passion for equity and human connection.


Tibisay has over 15 years of experience working in various sectors, including non-profit, corporate, higher education, and, more recently, government. She is also a doctoral student in the Education, Theory, and Practice program at the University at Albany, where she researches first-generation Afro-Latinx student engagement. Tibisay finds joy in creating fun and engaging educational experiences that are authentic and celebrate the unique qualities of diverse cultures.

Keivyn Reyes

The Well-being Imperative: A Strategy and Responsibility as an Organization and Individual

Thursday, June 13, 8:45-10:00 am


Keivyn (pronounced Kave-in) is a first-generation student turned first-generation professional. As a graduate of Binghamton University, Keivyn started his career in Deloitte US, as an operations consultant supporting enterprise transformation projects driven by operational, regulatory, and technical changes. He now supports the development of innovative workplace well-being strategies across Deloitte's large professional services firm. Aside from his well-being role, he supports various Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA) initiatives, serves as a local mentor for local high school students through various programs, and is an active pickleball player.

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