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Awards: Coordinate the awards proposal and selection process according to established guidelines. Coordinate the awards ceremony at the conference to recognize members’ programs and activities.
2017-2018 Board Liaison: Masako Hashimoto, SUNY Purchase
2017-2018 Committee Chair: TBD
2017-2018 Committee Members: Open to Join!
Conference Site Selection: Work with an outsite agency to select future conference sites.
2017-2018 Board Liaison: Dawn Jones, Schenectady County Community College
2017-2018 Committee Chair: Chris Lagrow, Fredonia  
2017-2018 Committee Members: Open to Join!

Emeritus Membership: 
2017-2018 Board Liaison: Jamie EdwardsGenesee Community College
2017-2018 Committee Chair: John Shirley, SUNY Cortland
2017-2018 Committee Members: N/A
Employer Relations: 
2017-2018 Board Liaison: Sim Covington, SUNY Polytechnic
2017-2018 Committee Chair: Sim Covington, SUNY Polytechnic and Mary Murphy
2017-2018 Committee Members: Open to Join!

Ethics & Legal Concerns: Receive concerns/questions from members and formulate policy language to address issues of ethical or legal concern. Act as a legal and ethical watchdog for the organization.  Keep membership informed of issues that may impact career services offices.
2017-2018 Board Liaison: Cathy Parker, University of Albany
2017-2018 Committee Chair: N/A
2017-2018 Committee Members: N/A
External Audit: Review organizational financial records to ensure accuracy and fiscal responsibility.
2017-2018 Board Liaison: Anita DeCianni-Brown, SUNY Empire State College
2017-2018 Committee Chair: N/A
2017-2018 Committee Members: N/A

Long Range Planning: Assess the needs and concerns of CDO.  Identify issues which will impact CDO’s future direction and priorities.
2017-2018 Board Liaison: Dawn Jones, Associate Director, Career and Professional Development, University at Albany
2017-2018 Committee Chair: Dawn Jones, Associate Director, Career and Professional Development, University at Albany
2017-2018 Committee Members: Open to Join!

Newsletter: Write and distribute an e-newsletter to keep members informed of current trends, topics and news in career services and CDO.
2017-2018 Board Liaison: Jamie Edwards, Genesee Community College
2017-2018 Committee Chair: TBD
2017-2018 Committee Members: Jamie Edwards, Casey Duffy, Megan Smedley - Open to Join!
Nominations and Elections: 
2017-2018 Board Liaison: Dawn Jones, Associate Director, Career and Professional Development, University at Albany
2017-2018 Committee Chair: Dawn Jones, Associate Director, Career and Professional Development, University at Albany
2017-2018 Committee Members: N/A
Professional Development: Organize professional development programs to serve membership needs. Review professional development grant applications and determine funding allocation.
2017-2018 Board Liaison: Masako Hashimoto, SUNY Purchase
2017-2018 Committee Chair: Masako Hashimoto, SUNY Purchase
2017-2018 Committee Members: Rob Frederick, Tania Velazquez, and Julie Parkman - Open to Join!
Technology: Determine the technology needs of SUNYCDO and advise the Board.  Act as a resource to the organization on technological issues.  Work with the conference program chair to meet the conference technology needs.
2017-2018 Board Liaison: Megan Smedley, Stony Brook University
2017-2018 Committee Chair: Megan Smedley, Stony Brook University
2017-2018 Committee Members: Morgan Pellerin, Michelle Mayo, and Christopher LaGrow - Open to Join!

 2018 Conference Planning

Conference Co-chairs:

Mark McFadden, SUNY New Paltz
Julia Overton-Healy, SUNY Plattsburgh

Conference Sub-committees:

  • Program: Plan educational content for annual conference. Gather and review information and proposals for conference, identify keynote speakers, coordinate scheduling and presenter needs.
    2018 Program Co-Chair: Meredith Morell (Cortland)
    2018 Program Co-Chair: Samantha Lopes (New Paltz)

  • Registration: Handle all aspects of conference registration.
    2018 Registration Chair:  Holly Horn (Binghamton)
    2018 Registration Chair:  Emily Feuer (Albany)
  • Entertainment: Organize evening entertainment and coordinate recreational activities.
    2018 Entertainment Co-Chair: Joe Aini (Albany)
    2018 Entertainment Co-Chair: Jeanie Kumpon (Broome)
  • Employer/Exhibitors: Identify and recruit employers and exhibitors to attend the conference and participate in panal presentations. Solicit employer sponsorship for conference.
    2018 Employer/Exhibitor Co-Chair: Sim Covington (Polytech) 
    2018 Employer/Exhibitor Co-Chair: Mary Murphy (Berkshire Farm Center)
  • Raffle: Coordinate conference charity raffle. Solicit donations from vendors, local businesses, and CDO membership. Identify non-profit organization local to the conference to donate proceeds.
    2018 Raffle Co-Chair: Michele Baran (Cortland)
    2018 Raffle Co-Chair: Tammy MacBrien-Downs (Dutchess)
  • Marketing: Handle marketing for the conference
    2018 Marketing Chair: Casey Duffy (ESF)
  • New Members: Runs the new member luncheon and mentor program.
    2018 New Member Chair: Anita De-Cianni-Brown (Empire)
  • Technology: In charge of all conference technology needs.
    2018 Technology Chair: Morgan Pellerin (Plattsburgh)