SUNY CDO, Inc. serves to:

  • Promote the professional growth of the membership.
  • Develop and maintain professional communication among career development personnel.
  • Serve as a professional forum for discussion of career service policies and procedures with the goal of promoting and maintaining a high standard for the profession.
  • Assist each student to learn – to search – to serve.
Jim Allan
Dave Anderson
Russ Hamilton
Jim Keene
Tom Slocum

Professional Responsibilities of Members

The members of the State University of New York Career Development Organization, Inc. join together in endorsing a set of principles which guide our work.  They serve to help us identify issues, raise questions, and make decisions when faced with new or complicated situations.  In this way they provide us with a common approach and shared understanding of some of the most basic aspects of career development practice.


Therefore, as members, we affirm ourselves the following aims:

  • To provide equitable services for students which are nondiscriminatory and which help students explore the place of work in their lives.
  • To provide career services that are consistent with the mission and policies of our campuses.
  • To aid our students and our institutions by providing services and assistance to affirmative action, equal employment opportunity employers.
  • To respond professionally and ethically to career services issues.
  • To develop our own skills and knowledge by seeking to be familiar with current research, practices, and issues in career services.